For sure, spamming is a very important sign of a true friendship.

While idly browsing the webs, I came across a "clan" (something like a cross between a clique and an organization) with these listed rules and regulations for their members:
Rules & Regulations

1. Members/officers are required to send at least 12 gms* per week.
2. Members are required to use tag for sending GMs. The tag must consists the name of the clan, clan nick and name of the team.
3. New comers are required to send GM within 48 hrs.
4. Updated list is a must.
5. Strictly no GM war.
6. No sex invites or malicious invitation.
7. Members must send his GM to all the members of the clan especially to officers.
8. Members are required to participate in activities set by the officers.
9. Members are allowed to recruit members but not authorized to screen the applicants. Applicants should be forwarded to the recruitment officer for screening.
10. Applicants are allowed to join other clan as long as he can manage and separate their activities.
11. Members/officers are required to attend the GEB** once in a month.

Warning for Expulsion

1. incorrect usage of tag
2. failure to meet the required number of gm.
3. GM war
4. failure to participate in text or clan activities.
5. any type of offensive GM to a member/officer.
6. disrespecting the officer.
7. selective gm.
8. No GEB appearance without valid reason.
8. Recruiting the members to join other clan will be subjected to automatic termination.
9. Member will be given 2 warnings. Initial and final warning. Upon the third warning will result to automatic expulsion.
*GM means group messages.
**GEB means "general eyeball" -- a quaint relic from the time when instant messengers ruled the interwebs, although I don't many of the kids who use the term actually know what the letters mean.

I want to tell them it's not cool to shameless steal the Four Nations logo from 'Avatar, The Last Airbender' as their clan logo.

What I found funny is how the clan describes itself its aims this way: "We are united as one to show the true meaning of friendship, trust, loyalty, love and camaraderie."

The way I read it, they are saying that friendship, trust, loyalty, et cetera, are to be shown by their members through parochialism, blind adherence to rules, herd mentality, obedience to officers, and indiscriminately spamming your so-called friends.

Well. I would like to assert that I believe spamming your friends is a privilege you get for being friends with them; real friends will humor you most of the time for it. At least, my friends do when I spam them.

However, I like to think of my friends as people I need no obligations to; as such, I will do favors for them out of affection not coercion. My friends are those guys I could openly disagree with on some issues with both of us knowing that doing so will not affect our friendship. Either of us could stop texting the other for days or even months without the other person purging the missing party's phone number.

And yeah, you have to apply to get into a clan. Most of them have officers who screen applicants to choose only those worthy to be part of their group.

I was not really a permanent part of any clique so I do not get clans. Maybe it works for some people; it wouldn't work for me.

Papa Americano.

I overheard a co-worker from the other account requesting for "Papa Americano" to be played over the speakers in the office. The real title is actually "We No Speak Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP; it's the latest dance track played on perpetual repeat and booming across the speakers at work. Actually, it was released a year ago, but Filipinos have this tendency to hold on to dance hits far longer than the song's shelf life.

Every time I hear the song, I feel like a seizure is coming over me.

The dance song samples an old Neapolitan song, Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano by Renato Carosone. It was used in The Talented Mr Ripley; I mentioned this to remind myself that I should see that movie.

The song title could be translated as "You pretend to be American", or more idiomatically, "You're an American wannabe" (thank you, Wikipedia). And because of that, I will try not to dislike the dance song as much. I mean, for it to be played on repeat in a call center by people who have no idea what the sampled lyrics actually means?

That's a really lovely irony.

A few days back, I found a poem draft written on a receipt. It's now on my fridge's door.

A Tagalog poem, which is unusual because I hardly write in Tagalog. I must've written this at least four years ago, but forgot about it. I found it tucked inside an old notebook while looking for something else.

Walang tulog ang breakwater...

Walang tulog ang breakwater
habang ang mga tao'y minamasdan
ang alon. Halos di maaninag,
humahalo sa kulay ng langit
sa madaling araw.

Kasama kitang naglalakad:
Ika'y nagsasalita habang
ako'y tatango, aayon maya't maya
nang wala namang naiintindihan.
Ang sabi mo, ilang ideya na
ang iyong naibigay -- mga ideyang
pwedeng maisulat bilang tula.

Kasama kitang naglalakad:
Nakatanaw sa ilaw ng parola
habang pinakikinggan ang hampas
ng alon, ang takbo ng sasakyan.
Nilalabanan ang antok na 'di mo alintana;
gising ang iyong diwa ngayong madaling-araw.

Hawak ko ang iyong kamay
at kasama kitang naglalakad.
Dalawa tayong isip sa magkaibang lugar;
magkasalo sa natitirang oras bago
sumikat ang araw.

Sometimes what you find are not the things you were looking for. But I'm glad I found this. I made some minor edits to a few lines and removed one line altogether; otherwise, the transcript is how the poem was written on the paper.

Not deleting text messages in my phone finally bit me in the ass.

That's what happens when one does not clean up his phone inbox and let 5000+ messages accumulate. Lately, the phone is prone to suddenly freezing for several minutes.

Yesterday, it happened while I was on my way to an appointment; I couldn't access my client's text message so removed the SIM and microSD from the phone and let it run with minimal apps. I was able to and, after several restarts, was finally able to get the text message inbox to open and get the info I needed.

I plugged back the microSD and proceeded to back up the phone's data while on the road. I would've reformatted the phone too, but I didn't know the phone's security code to let me do that. It would've been awesome, completing a backup, complete reset and restoration in a phone while i a cab. That's my tech support self geeking out, sorry.

I just completed reformatting and restoring my phone. The 5000+ messages were backed up but I didn't restore them anymore. There were some stored messages there that I wish I could've retained to my phone, but there's no way to selectively message folders so they'll have to stay in my archives for now.

Help spread the word: RakCHEMrol benefit concert for the UP Institute of Chemistry.

One of my friends from Diliman sent this via Facebook. Let's spread the word, support, and invite more people to help rehabilitate the Chem Pav.
A Benefit Concert for the Rehabilitation of the Institute of Chemistry

July 30, Friday, 6pm - 12am
Bahay ng Alumni

Brought to you by: PhoenICs: Out of the Ashes (a group that aims to help the UP Diliman Institute of Chemistry recover from the losses due to the fire incident last June 9, 2010) and the UP Alumni Association.

In cooperation with: Soupstar Entertainment and John Robert Powers.

With performances by: Callalily, 6cyclemind, Gloc-9, Stonefree, Silent Sanctuary, Gorgoro, Matilda, Discoball, Tanya Markova, Paraluman, Markus Highway, Aurora, Protein Shake, Soapdish, Blueboy

Supported by: Institute of Chemistry, College of Science Student Council, University Student Council, Engineering Student Council, UP Chemical Society, UP Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts, Upsilon Sigma Phi Fraternity

Tickets @ 150 php
RakCHEMrol! Choose Your Instrument T-shirts @ 180 php

Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto? Wala namang perpektong tao.

One of these days, I will make an adequate English translation of this song. Of course, any English translation will lose the beautiful wordplay and rhyming that Dong Abay used for this beautiful song.
Dong Abay

Ikaw ay nagdaramdam,
puso ay nagdurugo.
Hindi mo yata alam kung san ka patungo.
Ikaw ay naliligaw,
isip ay nalilito.
Ayaw mo ng gumalaw,
hindi ka sigurado.

Ikaw ay napupuwing,
minsan nabubulagan.
Mata ay nakapiring,
daan ay kadiliman.
Ikaw ay nadadapa,
napipilayan din.
Di makapagsalita:
anung ibig sabihin?

Wala. Wala namang...
wala namang perpektong tao.

Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?

Ikaw ay nawawala,
minsan ay nawawalan.
Di ka naniniwala,
puno ng alinlangan.
Ikaw ay nanliliit,
ligtas ka ba sa rehas?
Bakit ka nakapiit?
Bakit ka tumatakas?

Ikaw ay natatakot.
Parang walang hangganan
ang kirot ng bangungot,
di mo makalimutan.
Ikaw ay nanlulumo,
bilang na ba ang araw?
Gusto mo nang sumuko,
mundo ay nagugunaw.

Wala. Wala namang...
wala namang perpektong tao.

Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?

Ikaw ay inaalon,
walang kalaban-laban.
Tuluyang nalulunod
tungo sa kalaliman.
Ikaw ay nalulula,
agad kang nahuhulog,
babagsak sa lupa,
at biglang madudurog.

Ikaw ay nagdurusa,
kaya pa bang tumagal?
Hindi na makahinga,
lalo pang nasasakal.
Ikaw ay dumadaing,
dala mo ba ay sumpa?
Para kang ililibing
at ipinagluluksa.

Wala. Wala namang...
wala namang perpektong tao.

Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?
Ano ba ang epekto kung meron kang depekto?

Wala namang...
wala namang perpekto.
Anu ba ang epekto
kung meron kang depekto?
Wala namang perpektong tao

Oh noes. I seem to have lost some @tweetitow tweets.

Apparently I'm not alone. I guess either @tweetitow was swamped by uploaded tweets, has had a problem with Globe again or there was another Fail Whale in Twitter.

The Fail Whale is like those restaurant service crew my friend Melay told me about who would beam a toothy smile while perkily informing you that yes, they do have a vegetarian burger but no, it's not available at the moment, would you be interested in something else? Except that the Fail Whale is also cute as hell, I can't dislike it.

Yesterday, I had this itinerary planned out:

- ToyCon, maybe with Marc, Karl or Paolo.
- World Food Expo with Juna and JM.
- Head to Mac's birthday.
- Drop by and say hi to the FSR kids.
- End up in Cubao X to see some Twitter friends and rocker kids.

I got off from work pretty late on Saturday morning; instead of going out, I decided I'd spend the rest of the day sleeping. Of the 5 things I should be doing yesterday, I only managed going to Cubao, getting ridiculously drunk, smoking a cigarette, and crashing in a friend's house during the early hours of the morning.

A little past noon, we watched Ang Tanging Ina (odd choice of movie shown during Father's Day). It was enjoyable, except like most Filipino comedies, the movie is mostly a string of  comedy skits loosely tied by what passes for a plot. The movie also starred Eugene Domingo whom Jay and I love for her work in Kimmy Dora and Here Comes the Bride. Jay thinks Here Comes the Bride is funnier than Kimmy Dora while I think it's the latter is the funnier movie. Although I do think Here Comes the Bride is the better movie because it attempted to get away from the Filipino comedy formula of playing barely connected skits one after another. Here Comes the Bride has a real story framing the movie and the skits were actually relevant to the story.

I left Jay's place mid-afternoon because he and his housemate will be going to church, while the last of my hangover is already fading. I was thinking of taking a different route home but in the end decided I'll take a shuttle with them to Ortigas, then take another shuttle to Makati. I figured since it's a Sunday, traffic would be light and I could walk around the mall before heading home. What I forgot to consider was that it was Father's Day: traffic around Megamall was packed and the there was a huge crowd of families in the mall. I decided I'll just buy some food to go then head home. While waiting for my laksa, I saw a group of cosplayers by the supermarket. I approached them for a photo:

I don't know who the guy at the far right was supposed to be, but he looked awesome.

So anyways. In between waiting for my meal and looking at kids in anime costumes, I sent several tweets to @tweetitow only to find out that they were not uploaded to Twitter. Nothing I'd pull my hair over with (if I had any) but it was still a slight bummer. Posting tweets from my phone has become something like a cigarette habit: it's doing something if I'm not doing something. Or if I want a break from doing something. And Twitter posts, at least those that were not retweets or replies to other Twitter friends, are my way of recording things I've thought or seen or experienced.

When the shuttle I was in started moving, I saw a middle-aged couple cross the street. Both husband and wife were wearing purple shirts with the face of the Incredible Hulk printed on them in a grimace. Normally, I dislike couples in matching/paired printed shirts, but there was something adorable about the two. Maybe because the shirts seemed better suited to their kids but they were able to pull it off anyways. Maybe because they looked so happy together. Maybe because they looked like very everyday-type of people. They looked sweet.

I tweeted about that, too, but it disappeared. Ah well.

And before I forget, I'm gonna mention some recent pet peeves:

- The website and service's name is Twitter. (e.g. Do you have a Twitter account?)
- When you post something to Twitter, you tweet ('tweet' = verb); not 'twitter' or worse, 'twit' -- Correct: I will tweet about this awesome sandwich. Wrong: That's a funny thing you said while sleeping; I will twitter it.
- The messages people post in Twitter? Those are tweets ('tweet' = noun); again, not 'twitter' or 'twit'. So Wrong: I follow Inyaki because he always has inspiring twits.

Get your terms right, people. And could we please stop using twitterisms? Calling your Twitter friends 'tweeps' is only excusable if you're 15 or younger.


Marcos-era film masterpieces showing in Market! Market!

Got this from the Filipinas Heritage Library mailing list:

The Ayala Malls in cooperation with the Filipinas Heritage Library are proud to present the Filipino Screen: The Second Golden Age Now, a look at six auteurs who were at the forefront of vanguard filmmaking during the Marcos era, and their masterpieces that still hold significance for contemporary Philippine cinema and its audiences today.

Inspired by Eddie Romero’s seminal piece on history, nation, and identity, Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?, this festival of films attempts to revive the pertinent question of Romero’s film by creating a contemporary setting to better appreciate works from that period.

Though decades old, these films remain timeless. Their visions are as relevant today as they were when the films were first screened. Through these pieces, we gain a better understanding of contemporary Filipino life and society. Now more than ever, that glorious past in national cinema needs further exploration and renewed appreciation.

The Filipino Screen will first feature Bayan Ko: Kapit sa Patalim by Lino Brocka with a special dialogue with actress Gina Alajar, scriptwriter Pete Lacaba, film artist Kiri Dalena, and artist Yason Banal right after the film showing on Tuesday, June 8, 11am.

The other films to be shown are Sister Stella L by Mike de Leon (June 8, 2pm), Himala by Ishmael Bernal (June 9, 11am), Oro, Plata, Mata by Peque Gallaga (June 9, 1pm), Perfumed Nightmare by Kidlat Tahimik (June 10, 11am), and Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon? by Eddie Romero (June 10, 1pm).

This film festival will visit all the Ayala Malls in Metro Manila, Pampanga, and Cebu and is open to the public with a minimal admission fee of P65.

For group reservations, please call Filipinas Heritage Library at 892-1801, email, or send an SMS to 0917-5612413. Visit for the screening schedule in Glorietta, Marquee Mall, and Ayala Center Cebu.
That's a great line-up that will make my friend Carlos wet his boxers. Too bad the guy's back in Bicol. Anybody who is interested in seeing great Filipino films should find time to catch these screenings.


Adarna House: Junior Artist Wanted / Call for Manuscripts

Sent to the Adarna House Mailing List::
Job Alert: Junior Artist needed

Adarna House is in need of a highly-creative individual to fill a Junior Artist position.  The Artist will report to the Product Development Manager and will assist in conceptualizing, designing, encoding, preparing layout and illustration for company products in line with the company’s strategic and annual plans.  Graduates of Fine Arts, Marketing, or Advertising are invited to submit an application letter, comprehensive resume with photo, and list of personal references via e-mail on or before April 9, 2010 to (Only qualified applicants will be notified.)

Call for Manuscripts

We are looking for manuscripts to complete our line-up for 2011.  We welcome stories of any topic, but are currently particularly interested in storybook manuscripts that deal with math, reading, health, environmental awareness, legends, heroes, historical events, special topics (death, peace, adoption, autism, children's rights), and Filipino values (love of country, pagmamano, po at opo, colonial mentality, and value of freedom, language, culture, and history).

Submit three (3) copies of your original manuscript typewritten on short bond paper accompanied by a one-page literary bio-data.  On the first page of the manuscript, indicate its genre (short story, nonfiction, poetry, etc.) and the literary contest/s it has won, if any.  

Address your submissions to Ani Almario, Product Development Manager, ADARNA HOUSE, 2/F FSS Bldg., 20 Scout Tuason cor. Scout Castor Sts., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103. Submissions have to be accompanied by a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope to facilitate return after being screened. Manuscripts may be dropped off at our showroom, or sent through post.  No manuscript submissions may be sent over e-mail.

OFW mom detained and extorted by police officers in Novaliches.

An OFW and single mom was in the country for her daughter's graduation. She also went to see a friend in Tandang Sora. Before they could leave the place, they were arrested by two policemen and were accused of drug possession. They were then detained and extorted -- the money should have gone for the treatment of her cancer.

Acoording to her son's account:
They were then told that they would be taken to the police laboratory for the tests. But instead they were driven back to the slum area in Tandang Sora because the cops claimed they needed to talk to their informer. There the two cops alighted and went inside the compound while my mother, her friends, and the errand boy of the police station remained in the car. At that point, the said errand boy told them that they needed only to pay twenty thousand pesos each and they will be released. This is a clear case of soliciting bribes, and my mom and her friends refused.

And so instead of being taken to the laboratory for the drug tests, they were taken back to the police station in Talipapa. At this point, my mom and her friends were understandably very mad. She demanded that they go and get the tests already so they can all go home. When the cops were pissed off with their legitimate complaints, they were detained behind bars!

What’s more, when they were asked to list down their belongings that they were supposed to surrender before being detained, police officer Mar Palic refused to list down my mother’s cellphone; he took it! If it’s any consolation, my mother was allowed to make one phone call which she used to ask my uncle to come to her rescue.
I'm very, very disgusted that something like this could happen. What's more, it happens every day, except that very few people tell other people about it.